Satellite Network News
About Multicast networks
Microspace Communications provides multicast network and digital satellite broadcasting services. Our primary goal is to provide reliable, cost-effective and long-term delivery platforms for businesses to distribute and broadcast content.

Our multicast network technology provides a signal, which is managed directly by the customer and easily adapts to a customer's changing transmission requirements.
Satellite Broadcasting
Microspace Communications' satellite broadcasting services are utilized in a wide variety of markets around the world. We take your broadcast stream, encode it to a range of formats and uplink it to our global network of satellites. While each market is unique, all have the need for cost effective and reliable content delivery with a high level of transmission reliability.
Today on the Microspace Communications Network
  • Hundreds of airline pilots are determining their flight plans based on information provided by Microspace Communications.
  • Weather information delivered to TV stations in the top 200 US markets will impact 114 million Americans.
  • A sports celebrity is giving his live perspective on today’s breaking sports news.
  • Doctors may be receiving notification of an organ ready for transplant via a Microspace wireless messaging network.
  • Lifesaving EMS professionals are being dispatched to a multi-car accident.
  • Individuals may be seeking shelter due to advanced warning of a tornado.
  • 100 million Americans are hearing music in businesses across the country.
  • Farmers are deciding whether to sell their commodities today based on information provided by Microspace.
  • Dozens of radio programs are being delivered to hundreds of radio stations.
  • Hundreds of music programs are being heard nationwide.
  • Blockbuster Hollywood movies are being delivered to hundreds of theatres.
  • The Bolshoi Ballet season is being delivered live to venues across the country.
  • People in 14 time zones are reliably receiving their content.
  • Video of sunny California beaches is being shown live in a rainy Park Avenue storefront.
  • Emergency Management Centers across the US are receiving critical updates on security and weather related situations.
  • Doctors in Europe are learning the latest cardiology techniques by a Microspace video broadcast.
  • 2 million hotel guests have access to the latest Hollywood entertainment.
  • Basketball fans everywhere are watching live college hoops.
  • NFL fans are watching their favorite coach’s show.
  • Someone just found out they won the Powerball Lottery.
  • Significant financial decisions are being discussed and made as a result of content delivered by Microspace.
  • Energy brokers are deciding whether to ship an oil tanker to the US or to China.
  • A major electric utility saved millions of dollars by not having to buy power on the open market.
  • A banking consumer decided to open a home equity line as result of in-lobby video signage.
  • Consumers were influenced to buy a hot dog while standing at a gas pump as the result of an audio ad delivered by Microspace.