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New Microspace Services
Microspace Communications is excited to announce 2 new services that perfectly complement our proven satellite delivery solutions: CellCast and HostCast.

CellCast utilizes wireless technology to offer enterprise networks a cost effective and reliable means of delivering content and/or providing a communications path from each site within a network. HostCast utilizes the internet to offer secure delivery of your organization's video content to smartphones, tablets or any other internet connected device.

Both services take advantage of our world class 24/7 network support.
Satellite Broadcasting
Microspace Communications' satellite broadcasting services are utilized in a wide variety of markets around the world. We take your broadcast stream, encode it to a range of formats and uplink it to our global network of satellites.

While each market is unique, all have the need for cost effective and reliable content delivery with a high level of transmission reliability.
Content Delivery Powered by Microspace
Today on the Microspace Communications Network
  • Hundreds of airline pilots are determining their flight plans based on information provided by Microspace Communications.
  • Weather information delivered to TV stations in the top 200 US markets will impact 114 million Americans.
  • A sports celebrity is giving his live perspective on today’s breaking sports news.
  • Doctors may be receiving notification of an organ ready for transplant via a Microspace wireless messaging network.
  • Lifesaving EMS professionals are being dispatched to a multi-car accident.
  • Individuals may be seeking shelter due to advanced warning of a tornado.
  • 100 million Americans are hearing music in businesses across the country.
  • Farmers are deciding whether to sell their commodities today based on information provided by Microspace.
  • Dozens of radio programs are being delivered to hundreds of radio stations.
  • Hundreds of music programs are being heard nationwide.
  • People in 14 time zones are reliably receiving their content.
  • Video of sunny California beaches is being shown live in a rainy Park Avenue storefront.
  • Emergency Management Centers across the US are receiving critical updates on security and weather related situations.
  • Doctors in Europe are learning the latest cardiology techniques by a Microspace video broadcast.
  • 2 million hotel guests have access to the latest Hollywood entertainment.
  • Basketball fans everywhere are watching live college hoops.
  • NFL fans are watching their favorite coach’s show.
  • Someone just found out they won the Powerball Lottery.
  • Significant financial decisions are being discussed and made as a result of content delivered by Microspace.
  • Energy brokers are deciding whether to ship an oil tanker to the US or to China.
  • A major electric utility saved millions of dollars by not having to buy power on the open market.
  • A banking consumer decided to open a home equity line as result of in-lobby video signage.
  • Consumers were influenced to buy a hot dog while standing at a gas pump as the result of an audio ad delivered by Microspace.