Drifting Satellite (ZombieSat) Poses No Threat To Microspace Communications

Private Satellite Network company says Intelsat satellite poses no threat.

The Intelsat satellite, Galaxy 15, which had operated from the 133 degree West Orbital slot recently malfunctioned and is in a drift in the direction of the 131 degree West Slot.

According to Ron Burns, Chief Engineer at Microspace, “It’s unfortunate that Galaxy 15 has experienced a problem but, to be clear, it presents absolutely no threat to any services that Microspace provides.”

A significant portion of Microspace services are Ku Band services and, as a result, are not affected by Galaxy 15’s active C-Band payload. Microspace does operate services on the AMC 3 satellite located at 87 degrees but Galaxy 15 will not drift far enough to reach that slot. It’s likely that the satellite will remain in a drift thru the summer months and will eventually reach an orbital libration point at the105 degree orbital slot.

A libration point is the location between the earth and the moon where the gravitational pull on the satellite is equal and the satellite, as a result, remains in that position indefinitely. Galaxy 15 would end its drift at this point and join over 150 dead satellites that reside there.

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