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  • In and Over the Cloud for Digital Signage

    Most of the content that users look at on their smartphones is video. It only makes sense that the marketing community wants to promote video to digital signs in public venues, too.

  • Satellite Services in or Over the Cloud

    The Cloud seems to have two perspectives. One, for users of the Cloud it is a place to put your content; work and personal. Second, for technical people the Cloud is an interchange of servers and communication networks.

  • Digital Signage In The Restaurant Industry

    Having a digital and interactive menu on a tablet platform can greatly minimize wasteful ticketing systems, improve the accuracy of the order taking and provide customers an experience over your competitors. Digital platforms also allow for patrons to pay for their meal through a credit or debit card. If your patrons are already texting while at dinner, how willing do you believe they would be to leave a review on your restaurant’s digital tablet?

  • Content Distribution And Delivery: What You Need To Know

    Content delivery can also be used for specific high-traffic events such as live broadcasts by continually dispersing content from the originating server to other servers in the network via satellite links.