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  • Classrooms Use Media Hotspot for Course Material

    Students now commonly interact with mobile devices and are growing accustomed daily interaction. Most of these devices are Wi-Fi enabled and can easily be synced together with Media Hotspot for educational development.

  • How Can The Media Hotspot Help You?

    Our Media Hotspot will allow businesses to transfer large quantities of data across our networks to other locations without affecting your business or workflow. This can be extremely useful for transferring large files, such as training videos.

  • Digital Signage In The Restaurant Industry

    Having a digital and interactive menu on a tablet platform can greatly minimize wasteful ticketing systems, improve the accuracy of the order taking and provide customers an experience over your competitors. Digital platforms also allow for patrons to pay for their meal through a credit or debit card. If your patrons are already texting while at dinner, how willing do you believe they would be to leave a review on your restaurant’s digital tablet?

  • Private Data Networks Benefit From Media Hotspots

    Businesses and the people that run them are constantly moving forward with the development of new technologies. With the development of new technologies, can your business’s private data networks fully integrate their use into your current business model?

  • Microspace Media Hotspot Helps Businesses Connect

    Once the media files have been received by an established Media Hotspot location, the user can easily access the information through a WiFi enabled devices such as an Ipad, IPhone, Android or similar mobile device. The user interface allows for seamless user interaction, and can arm your business and employees with the tools to exceed over your competition.

  • Microspace Digital Signage And The Future Of Branding

    If you think that you can get away with traditional advertising, you might spend more in the long run and require a larger budget than originally planned. With our Enterprise Media Servers, there is one upfront cost, and then you have the benefit of unlimited, clean and well displayed digital advertisements moving forward.