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  • InfoComm 2015: Microspace Talks Digital Signage

    Microspace’s Curtis Tilly Shares Perspective at InfoComm 2015 Curtis Tilly, Director of Enterprise Media at Microspace, recently spoke at the InfoComm 2015, the world’s largest conference and exhibition focusing exclusively on the commercial AV marketplace. Curtis was featured on the …

  • The State of Satellite according to Microspace

    Top Microspace Executives and DSE and NAB Show veterans reflect on the recent industry events, sharing their insights, realizations, and explaining what it all means for both consumers and the enterprise. SATELLITE AS RELEVANT AS EVER FOR BUSINESSES & CONSUMERS …

  • Inter-business Communication Networks

    Businesses throughout the world are constantly looking for up-to-date communications networks to keep up with their competition. Microspace Communications specializes in inter-business communication networks through the development of their private data networks and satellite broadcasting. Ease Communication The twenty first …

  • Satellite Uplink Promotes Business Communication

    Communications advances are quickly allowing organizations to expand businesses operations in order to focus on the needs of various cultures and countries. The satellite uplink service with Microspace Communications helps organizations connect with reliable private data networks that ensure the transfer of data from one location to another.

  • Keep Communication Lines Secure with Private Data Networks

    Our private data networks allow for businesses to easily communicate between branches, regardless of location.

  • Private Networks Protect Information

    Switching to a private data network can also allow for increased storage capacity with the switch to the Media Hotspot. Transferring work files can become as simple as accessing a file on your desktop and moving it to another computer within the network, regardless of geographic location.