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  • Satellite Communication is Magic? | SSPI Video

    Microspace Communications is a long-time member of SSPI, Society of Satellite Professionals International. We are pleased to help make the next video in the Better Satellite World campaign, “The Magic of Satellite,” possible. This video outlines some of the key …

  • Satellite Uplink Promotes Business Communication

    Communications advances are quickly allowing organizations to expand businesses operations in order to focus on the needs of various cultures and countries. The satellite uplink service with Microspace Communications helps organizations connect with reliable private data networks that ensure the transfer of data from one location to another.

  • Keep Communication Lines Secure with Private Data Networks

    Our private data networks allow for businesses to easily communicate between branches, regardless of location.

  • 2013 Global Critical Messaging Convention

    Microspace has been serving the needs of the wireless and critical messaging industries for the past 25 years, dedicated to offering a suite of reliable, cost-effective, open systems simulcast network solutions that can be tailored to meet the needs of the carrier.

  • Content Distribution And Delivery: What You Need To Know

    Content delivery can also be used for specific high-traffic events such as live broadcasts by continually dispersing content from the originating server to other servers in the network via satellite links.