Corporate Communications

Corporate-CommunicationsBusinesses have relied on Microspace for more than 20 year to distribute content for corporate communications networks. The application of corporate communications includes the distribution of educational, human resources and industry-specific materials, or any other video, data or audio content for the purpose of sharing the content with multiple locations and audiences. This may include distributing content to digital signage networks, storing company policy content on an organizations server for on-demand use or the live feed of an executive presentation. Microspace has the experience and capabilities to support all these needs.

Microspace has supported corporate communications for Fortune 500 companies, financial services (realtime trading and stock information), manufacturing, weather and precision agriculture industries, to name a few. These industries rely on satellite because of its scalability, reliability and cost effectiveness. In addition, Microspace has the technology to make sure that content distributed over its satellite network is encrypted ensuring it reaches only its intended audience.

Satellite Networks 101

Let’s put the myth to rest right now that satellite networks are expensive. Just the opposite is true. And with an application like corporate communications a fixed monthly cost can be applied across the network no matter the number of locations. Connecting a location to the satellite network requires inexpensive hardware – a satellite antenna and digital video or data appliance – and Microspace holds relationships with many of the industries top hardware manufacturers to provide an organization with a turnkey solution specific to its needs.

Microspace offers VELOCITY as a dedicated satellite connection or as VELOCITY File Forward® an on-demand digital broadcast service to fit a company’s specific distribution needs. Both services have the capability to distribute audio, data or video content, including conventional video to a television, LCD or plasma, for example, as well as IP video, which requires less bandwidth and can be delivered directly into the corporate LAN or WAN.

Lastly, Microspace’s satellite footprint reaches across North America, Latin America and Europe to easily connect locations onto a single network. So no matter how you use your corporate communications network, Microspace has the experience and technology to reliably and cost effectively to meet your content distribution needs.

To learn more about Microspace’s VELOCITY satellite service, click here.

Multimedia Entertainment

Satellite content distribution is a natural choice for the distribution of multimedia entertainment because of its ability to move large files to multiple destinations without compromising audio and picture quality. While a newer application for satellite, the technology behind it has a proven track record of more than twenty years. Hollywood studios and Fortune 500 companies rely on Microspace to distribute their content using the same VELOCITY satellite service.

The hospitality and wellness industries are just two that have strongly adopted satellite to distribute multimedia content to hotel rooms and gyms across the country. With the ability to provide the content through an on-demand system, these specific applications have a need to make sure that the content arrives in its entirety and in a timely and secure manner or it could compromise subscription revenue.

The content itself varies from business related content to multimedia entertainment programming such as movies and television programs. Content is distributed to multiple locations using Microspace’s VELOCITY satellite service and it then resides on a server at the individual location until playback is requested either through on-demand by a consumer or played throughout an individual location.

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Private Data Networks

Private data networks provide businesses, government agencies and organizations of all sizes a dedicated network to continuously receive and transmit data critical to both the daily operations and mission critical needs of the organization. In addition, private networks offer a comfort that may not come with sharing content over the public internet.

Microspace was founded to provide private data networks and has perfected its technology to support the demanding needs of these networks. It understands the significance for its customers and how each client depends on the level of detail provided to their channel. That is why each channel is encrypted to ensure the data arrives at only its intended location and all systems at Microspace are redundant to ensure constant connectivity.

Financial and weather industries as well as emergency management and public safety networks have relied on Microspace since its inception to provide them with the necessary connectivity. Some networks have large bandwidth requirements while others only have a need for an occasional data channel. Microspace understands their significance no matter the size or a company’s specific distribution needs which is why it offers a dedicated satellite connection through VELOCITY® or an on-demand service through VELOCITY File Forward®. To learn more about VELOCITY, click here.


Microspace Communications Corporation has more than twenty years experience supporting the distribution needs of the Paging industry. Paging was one of the earliest applications of Microspace’s VELOCITY® satellite service and today VELOCITY continues to be an important technology for this industry.

Microspace counts among its key customers many of the small regional paging companies who have worked with Microspace through the years because of Microspace’s understanding of their business and operational challenges. Microspace supports all the major paging protocols including Pocsag, Golay, 511, TNPP and FLEX, giving it the ability to distribute content for a range of networks.

Ultimately, the Paging industry has continued to use satellite to distribute its messages because of the reliably of satellite to connect a single message to multiple distribution points, and because of the cost effective pricing model that it offers. Click here to learn more about VELOCITY.