Digital Cinema

Digital Motion Picture via Satellite

Microspace Digital CinemaMicrospace was the first digital cinema service provider to deliver a standardized version of a digital motion picture via satellite more than six years ago. Today, it provides a turnkey solution to exhibitors and theatres for the distribution and tracking of digital content. Microspace’s Digital Cinema service is an ideal distribution channel, offering the ability to deliver content over satellite in a secure, reliable and cost-effective manner.

As a member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers’ DC28 committee, Microspace provided input to support the establishment of DCI standards for digital cinema. Today, Microspace partners with studios, content preparation companies, exhibitors and industry associations to continue the advancement and adoption of digital cinema.

Where You Want to Be

Microspace operates the only digital cinema network in North America that delivers both Hollywood movies and live alternative content. Microspace currently has Digital Cinema systems installed in more than 300 theatres in the United States and Canada, and the network continues to grow. Microspace’s network is comprised of both full circuits and independents including Allen Theatres, B&B Theatres, the Catlow Theatre, Celebration® Cinemas, Carmike Cinemas, Inc., Cineplex, Digiplex Apple Valley, Fiesta Drive-in, Grand 6 Theatre, the Grantland Theatre, the Harper Theatre, the Luna Theatre, Marquee Cinemas, the Marketplace 8 Theatre, Megaplex Theatres, the Morely Theatre, Muvico Rosemont, the Norton 2 Theatre, the Orpheum Theatre, the Roxy 4 Theatre, the Skyview Twin, the Spotlight Parkside, Sun Basin Theatres, the Tavernier Theatre, the Towncenter 6 Theatre, and the Windsor 10 Theatre.

Secure & Redundant Systems

Because of the critical nature of digital cinema content, the Microspace Digital Cinema system is completely redundant through the entire distribution chain. Through the use of two discrete satellite systems with backchannel connectivity, movies and other digital cinema content arrive on-time, every-time at Microspace connected theatres.

LIVECinema & Alternative Content Distribution

In addition to the distribution of recorded content, Microspace has been distributing live content for more than twenty years. It holds strategic partnerships with alternative content providers to offer sporting events, concerts, performing arts and other domestic and global productions directly to movie theatres. Learn more about LIVECinema and Alternative Content.

Benefits of Satellite Distribution

Satellite distribution holds benefits for exhibitors and distributors alike. Answer the question to learn more about what it could mean for you.

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