You employ the latest and greatest technology to develop your movies, but only a proven solution will do to get it to audiences. Microspace has taken the mystery out of delivering digital content through proven satellite distribution and with that come great benefits for you, including:

Industry Expertise and Commitment

As the first to distribute DCI compliant content via satellite, Microspace has been at the forefront of the industry, including participating in the development of the standards that govern it. Through dedicated resources, Microspace is demonstrating its commitment to the advancement of the industry.

Proven, Scalable Solution

Satellite content distribution is proven technology for digital cinema and ensures high quality image and sound. It is a private network and is easily scalable to deliver content securely, reliably and cost effectively.

Cost Savings

Because Microspace uses an electronic file for delivery, there is no costly reproduction and distribution of a physical hard drives. The original file can be provided to Microspace in variety of ways.

Secure Distribution of Content

Using satellite, digital content remains encrypted for secure delivery to ensure the content is seen only at its intended distribution site.

Accurate Reporting/Tracking

Microspace Digital Cinema allows for real-time tracking of movie distribution ensuring accurate reporting of file use.

Where You Want To Be

Microspace has Digital Cinema systems installed in more than 250 theatres in the United States, Canada and Mexico and will continue to grow its network. Theatres include Carmike Cinemas, Inc., Marquee Cinemas, Megaplex Theatres and Celebration!® Cinemas.