Digital cinema is here and coming to a community near you if it hasn’t already. Microspace can help you gain a competitive advantage through operational efficiencies, enhanced viewer experience and access to alternative content. Deploying Microspace Digital Cinema using satellite content distribution can offer great benefits for your theatre including:

Cost Savings

Decrease the number of staff needed to ‘man the booth’ and eliminate the need to manually manage the feature. Because the feature gets to you as an electronic file, the fees associated with hard drives are eliminated. And real-time reporting allows for accurate tracking of the file.

Experienced Provider

Microspace has been delivering content via satellite since 1988, including live events. Fortune 500 companies, financial service and weather industries rely on Microspace for their content distribution needs.

Industry Expertise and Commitment

As the first to distribute DCI compliant content via satellite, Microspace has been at the forefront of the industry, including participating in the development of the standards that govern it. Through dedicated resources, Microspace is demonstrating its commitment to the advancement of the industry.

Proven, Scalable Solution

Satellite content distribution is proven technology for digital cinema and ensures high quality image and sound. It is a private network and is easily scalable to deliver content securely, reliably and cost effectively.

Accurate Reporting/Tracking

Microspace Digital Cinema allows for real-time tracking of movie distribution and playback ensuring accurate reporting of file use.

The Right Partners

Microspace has relationships with many of the major digital cinema equipment providers in the United States. Through a turnkey solution, Microspace can turn your theatre digital with a proven system.

Alternative Content

Microspace has more than twenty years experience in the distribution of live and alternative content. It holds strategic partnerships with alternative content providers to offer sporting events, concerts, performing arts and other domestic and global productions directly to movie theatres.