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Digital Signage for All

Digital-Signage-Provider How would you describe digital signage? An electronic sign that displays changing content? Or Flat Panel Displays that present information in a public place? You wouldn’t be wrong, but you would certainly be missing the big benefits of what digital signage can do.

At Microspace, we describe digital signage as a network of digital displays controlled at a central location, which allows a user to alter content to meet the needs and the interests of an audience. We would also describe it as a source of revenue, a way to educate and motivate an audience to purchase goods and services, a means of entertaining a captive audience, or a way to reinforce a brand.

The Rise of Digital Signage

Digital signage has grown in popularity because of it’s ability to target a message to a specific audience and change that message easily without incurring significant additional costs. These networks, also referred to as digital-out-of-home (DOOH), interact with an audience through dynamic content targeted specifically for them and can accommodate a range of industries and applications.

Digital signage is more cost effective than print media because electronic materials stay electronic. They go directly from the graphic artist to the digital signage network without costly reproduction and distribution of materials. It can also serve as a source of revenue through the sales of advertising space or support the sales of your own goods and services. And because you can use the network to drive viewers to action, the ROI is measurable.

Customer service is also another growing use for digital signage. You can lessen the perceived wait or “dwell’ time in places like repair shops, doctors offices or department of motor vehicles by entertaining and informing your audience while they wait. In locations such as airports and train stations it can provide important alerts to customers.

Satellite for Digital Signage

Digital Signage Network
One of the most important components of a digital signage network is the ability to deliver dynamic content, and to change it as often as you want or need to. With satellite content distribution, cost savings can be realized along with the added benefit of a fully scalable and highly reliable solution.

The Perfect Technology for Content Distribution

Microspace’s VELOCITY® satellite service is a proven way to distribute content to digital signage networks. With several options to fit the unique needs of your network, we can offer a solution that fits your network and budget. For example, VELOCITY FileForward offers an occasional content delivery option, while VELOCITY MicroBurst allows for a short term bandwidth “burst.” VELOCITY CELLCAST offers a cellular technology component to Microspace’s proven satellite delivery options. Click here for more information about our Services.

The Right Partners

Microspace has strategic partnerships with numerous industry leaders. Together we can build the network that best fits your needs and budget. You want a single company to take the reins to design and roll-out your network? No problem.

Consultative Approach

Microspace and its industry leading strategic partners will work with you to define, customize and build your network including hardware acquisition, installation, network management and even content creation.

What Does It Take to Make a Successful Network?

A turnkey digital signage network provides all the necessary elements to execute, manage and maintain it including the right technology, displays and media.

Microspace Signage Network

Experience and Qualifications

Microspace is a charter member of the Digital Screenmedia Association, helping to define the standards for the industry and is a member of the Best Practices Committee. We were an early distributor of content to digital signage networks. In addition, Fortune 500 companies and smaller organizations as well have relied on Microspace’s services to cost effectively and reliably deliver their content.

Industries and Applications

Digital signage networks support a range of industries and applications including:


  • Retail
  • Banking/Finance
  • Food/Restaurant
  • Healthcare, Pharma, & Life Sciences
  • Hospitality
  • Transit
  • Outdoor

  • Corporate communications
  • Entertainment
  • Advertising
  • General information networks
  • Retail TV/employee TV
  • Electronic billboards/digital posters
  • Education


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