Multimedia Entertainment

Hollywood studios, Fortune 500 companies and smaller organizations alike rely on Microspace to distribute their content using the same VELOCITY satellite service.
Microspace Multimedia Entertainment Provider

Satellite content distribution is a natural choice for the distribution of multimedia entertainment because of its ability to move large files to multiple destinations without compromising reliability or video and audio quality. While multimedia and entertainment is a relatively new application for satellite, the technology behind it has a proven track record of more than twenty years.

The hospitality and health/wellness industries are just two that have strongly adopted satellite to distribute multimedia content to hotel rooms and personal fitness facilities across the country. With the ability to provide the content through an on-demand system, these specific applications have a need to make sure that the content arrives in its entirety and in a timely and secure manner or it could compromise subscription and or advertising revenue.

The content itself varies from business related content to multimedia entertainment programming such as movies and television programs. Content is distributed to multiple locations using Microspace’s VELOCITY satellite service, where it can reside on a server at the individual location until playback is requested.

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