Microspace Communications Corporation has more than twenty years experience supporting the distribution needs of the paging industry.
Paging Provider

Paging was one of the earliest applications of Microspace’s satellite service and today our VELOCITY service continues to be an important technology for this industry.

Microspace counts among its key customers many of the industries largest providers, as well as small regional companies. Both groups have worked with Microspace through the years because of Microspace’s understanding of their business and operational challenges.

Microspace supports all the major paging protocols including Pocsag, Golay, 511, TNPP and FLEX, giving it the ability to distribute content for a range of networks.

Ultimately, the paging industry has continued to use satellite to distribute its messages because of the reliably of satellite to connect a single message to multiple distribution points, and because of the cost effective pricing model that it offers. Click here to learn more about VELOCITY.

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