Private Data Networks

Financial, franchises and national chains, as well as emergency management and public safety networks have relied on Microspace since its inception to provide them with the necessary network connectivity.

Private data networks provide businesses, government agencies and organizations of all sizes a dedicated network to continuously receive and transmit data critical to both the daily operations and mission-critical needs of the organization.

Microspace was founded to provide private data networks and has perfected its technology to support the demanding needs of these networks. In addition, a Microspace private data network offers security and peace of mind that may not come with sharing content over the public internet.


Private Data Network Solutions

Some networks have large bandwidth requirements while others only have a need for an occasional data channel. Microspace understands their significance no matter the size or a company’s specific distribution needs, which is why it offers a dedicated satellite connection through VELOCITY® or an on-demand service, like VELOCITY FileForward®.

Why Microspace for Private Data & Radio Networks:

  • Minimal capital expense
  • Expanded market reach
  • Experienced provider
  • Proven solution
  • Shared hub services


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