• Keep Communication Lines Secure with Private Data Networks

    Our private data networks allow for businesses to easily communicate between branches, regardless of location.

  • 2014 Microspace Customer Survey

    Click here to download our 2014 Customer Survey: 2014-Microspace-Customer-Survey.pdf Thank you to all of our customers!

  • In and Over the Cloud for Digital Signage

    Most of the content that users look at on their smartphones is video. It only makes sense that the marketing community wants to promote video to digital signs in public venues, too.

  • Private Networks Protect Information

    Switching to a private data network can also allow for increased storage capacity with the switch to the Media Hotspot. Transferring work files can become as simple as accessing a file on your desktop and moving it to another computer within the network, regardless of geographic location.

  • Satellite Services in or Over the Cloud

    The Cloud seems to have two perspectives. One, for users of the Cloud it is a place to put your content; work and personal. Second, for technical people the Cloud is an interchange of servers and communication networks.

  • VELOCITY Technology Provides Fast and Secure Data Transfers

    The ability to provide large amounts of information and a combination of various forms of video and data is an absolute necessity for businesses. Let us help you make your lives easier with the fast, secure, and organized VELOCITY technology!