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Microspace’s SES-3 operates at 103° W.L. covering mainland United States plus Alaska and Hawaii, Northern Mexico and Southern Canada. Microspace’s VELOCITY service provides high-speed video and data services for firms requiring reliable and economical delivery to multiple locations. The strong signal on SES-3 allows customers to use small antennas (36″) with excellent look angles. Microspace service on SES-3 is also fully protected and non-preemptible–the highest level of service offered by a satellite operator.

Pointing Information

Pointing coordinates are listed by city. Find pointing information for your city below.

SES-3 Pointing Information:

Footprint Configuration

SES-3 Footprint Configuration
Contours indicate minimum dish recommendations.
1st Contour.90 meter antenna
2nd Contour1.2 meter antenna
3rd Contour1.8 meter antenna