VELOCITY High-speed Satellite Broadcasting Solution

velocityVELOCITY is Microspace’s high-speed video, data, and audio satellite broadcasting service.
VELOCITY provides a perfect solution for businesses that require economical and reliable video or high-speed data delivery to multiple locations. Compared to terrestrial solutions, VELOCITY is faster and easier to implement along with having, in many cases, significant cost savings.
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VELOCITY allows an organization to create its own private business network and deliver critical programming related specifically to the organization. This could include employee training, corporate announcements, file or software downloads, just to name a few. Microspace understands how to build and support a private network and how it can positively affect a company’s ability to communicate.

Since our customers depend on Microspace to deliver their content, we have engineered our VELOCITY product to exceed 99.95% availability on an annual basis. Ask a terrestrial provider to make this claim!

Because each site is fully addressable and specific sites can receive specific programming, you are in complete control of your network.

Worried about the security of your content? Don’t be! VELOCITY video is fully secure using the latest in smart card technology to ensure your content will always be safe.

Cost-efficient Pricing

VELOCITY’s cost is based on the bandwidth needs of your organization, which means your monthly recurring charge is a fixed amount. The cost per site is very economical and actually decreases as you add locations to your network, the inverse of terrestrial network costs which continue to climb as sites are added to the network.

How It Works

As with other Microspace services, VELOCITY uses a small antenna with an inexpensive digital receiver for the remote site. Content is then passed on to a TV/monitor, computer or your corporate LAN, depending on the application.

High-Speed Video Broadcasting

A VELOCITY Video Channel is the ideal way of providing employee training, corporate communications, human resource information or any other company proprietary information to all locations. Microspace’s video channels are also fully addressable so you have complete control over which location receives specific content.

High-Speed Data Broadcasting

Microspace has been broadcasting data since the late 1980’s. We are recognized as the industry’s leader, with the top financial information providers, weather data providers and paging data providers as long-term clients. These customers count on Microspace to reach hundreds of thousands of sites each day with high-quality, time-sensitive information and many other forms of critical data.

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