Fully Managed Wireless Network Connectivity for Content Delivery

Microspace VELOCITY CellCast Wireless WAN Solution LogoVELOCITY CellCast offers enterprise customers an independent network solution that is cost-effective, secure, and has dedicated bandwidth for content delivery and corporate communications.
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Enterprise Cellular Network Solution

VELOCITY CellCast utilizes cellular technology to provide the benefits of an easy to install, fully managed two-way network that is often required for delivery verification, advertising affidavits, and network monitoring.

VELOCITY CellCast offers fully managed wireless network service that is PCI compliant and a best-in-class solution for multiple content delivery applications including digital signage, POS backup, business continuity, and corporate communications.

Features & Capabilities

  • Run with existing network or as standalone
  • Easy installation & seamless roll-out
  • Time & cost-efficiency
  • Manageable solution & flexible data plan options
  • Minimize deployment costs
  • Efficient data usage
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VELOCITY CellCast typically runs parallel to an enterprise’s existing WAN (wide-area-network). CellCast is easy to install and can be provisioned and rolled out for a fraction of the cost and time of comparable terrestrial options.

CellCast service and hardware can be combined into a single affordable monthly lease that minimizes upfront expenses for deployment. In addition, CellCast pools bandwidth across an enterprise’s network, which helps minimize costly overages of data use. Microspace Communications also offers the most flexible data-plan options in the industry. We even have options that include no data overage charges!

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Cellcast only utilizes wireless hardware that has a long history of affordability and reliability. Some of Microspace’s offerings even include lifetime warranties for hardware.

Hybrid Networks
Operated in a hybrid network, VELOCITY CellCast can also help merge the proven advantages of Microspace’s multicast satellite network with the cost-effectiveness and ease of use that wireless provides.

Fixed Cost Multicast Connectivity
The fixed cost aspect of multicast connectivity makes it an excellent choice for delivering content to large networks especially those with requirements of frequent, large file deliveries.


Digital Signage Connectivity | MicrospaceDigital Signage

VELOCITY CellCast provides a proven enterprise-grade wireless solution for digital signage applications. Integrators and solution providers have the option of “bringing their own network” which provides for additional revenue, control, and monitoring of their network.

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Microspace Business Continuity POS Backup SolutionBusiness Continuity & POS Backup

CellCast comes with a full featured PCI compliant wireless router that can be configured to provide POS backup, business continuity or other disaster recovery services.

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A Leader in Corporate Communications for 30 yearsCorporate Communications

CellCast provides a secure route for business critical and non-business critical content delivery across an enterprise without taking business critical bandwidth from existing WAN infrastructure.

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