Velocity File Forward

Velocity-File-ForwardNeed to deliver files but not every day? VELOCITY File Forward is a high-speed data delivery service that provides a perfect solution for businesses that require economical high-speed file delivery to multiple locations, but only on an occasional basis.

VELOCITY File Forward allows you to send business critical information inexpensively without paying for a full-time satellite channel or signing a long-term satellite contract. It’s ideal for multimedia content delivery, IP multicasting, kiosk networks or corporate intranets.

Pay Only For Bandwidth Used

VELOCITY File Forward’s cost is based only on the amount of data you send. No paying for unused bandwidth. Your content is sent to Microspace’s uplink facility via the Internet. The content is then broadcast to your remote sites instantaneously.

VELOCITY File Forward also utilizes a small site antenna (typically .9 meter), LNB, and digital data receiver.

Digital Data Delivery

The ability to inexpensively send large amounts of information to many locations is a necessity. VELOCITY File Forward provides the customer with a digital file delivery option at a cost that is based on your actual data delivery requirements.