MANAGED 4g wireless solutions for enterprise applications

Primary Connectivity 

4GWireless goes where wired technologies can’t.  Whether your network challenge is infrastructure, security, or bandwidth, VELOCITY CellCast can deliver a high-bandwidth, secure connection to over 99% of North America.  And we can get your network up and running quickly.  Our typical lead-time from first call to having a managed router in place and running is less than a week!


  Managed Failover

On average, companies in the U.S. experience network outages five times per month — that’s 60 periods of downtime each year! More shockingly, 56% reported having no formal network backup plan in place. These outages cost over $700 billion per year. Imagine how much productivity and revenue you’d save if you had a reliable, cost-effective business continuity solution?  If your company is one of the 56% without a continuity solution, VELOCITY CellCast can solve your network backup problem.