Jalaysha Tucker, Author at Microspace

Author: Jalaysha Tucker

  • “Unlocking Growth: Why Your Business Needs Satellite Connectivity”

    16 November, 2023

    Satellite technology is primarily about providing connectivity through the use of artificial satellites in space. It is crucial for various applications, including internet access, telecommunication, broadcasting, GPS, and remote sensing. While terrestrial networks have made significant strides in expanding access to the internet, there are still many remote and underserved areas around the globe that

  • Microspace 2023 Intern Spotlight: Devin Nixon

    18 October, 2023

    Devin Nixon, a Junior Computer Information systems major attending Saint Augustine’s University. Devin is from Goldsboro, NC and serves as a Satellite Technician intern for his time being at Microspace. Enjoy a brief Q&A to learn more about Devin. Why did you choose your HBCU? I chose Saint Augustine’s University to learn more about the

  • Microspace 2023 Intern Spotlight: Jalaysha Tucker

    Jalaysha Tucker, a Mass Communications student from North Carolina Central University. Jalaysha currently serves as the Marketing Intern for her time being at Microspace. Enjoy the Q&A session below to learn more about Jalaysha. Why did you choose your HBCU? I chose NC Central because I decided to not go where all my friends were

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