Introducing a fully managed wireless network solution for business continuity and network backup applications. VELOCITY CellCast offers the service, hardware, and 24/7 network monitoring all in one price, by one provider. If your primary communications system goes down, count on CellCast to interruptions to network uptime.

A New Approach to Network Redundancy


More than 80 billion credit card transactions will take place this year processing over $4 trillion in sales. Most of the time, these transactions are seamless with a POS system handling the transaction over an organization’s primary network. When there’s a problem, there’s a good chance the backup plan still relies on a dial-up modem or DSL service. The days of data over wire are numbered, the telephone companies aren’t interested in supporting copper lines to the extent they need for reliable data transmission. All of these factors contribute to a higher rate of failed transactions. That’s expensive—either through increased fees or lost revenue.

If your current business continuity plan involves a dial-up modem, we have a significantly more reliable and cost-effective solution for you.


VELOCITY CellCast is a business continuity solution that provides multi-location network connectivity in the event of primary system downtime. CellCast allows you to replace outdated legacy backup systems with new, cost-effective wireless technology for POS backup, network connectivity, and seamless continuity.

Features & Capabilities

  • Velocity Satellite BroadcastingMinimal installation & operational costs
  • Monitored and managed 24/7/365
  • Customized real-time alerts and reporting
  • Shared data pool across an organization
  • Commercial-grade wireless router
  • Strong, national 3G and 4G/LTE coverage
  • Service and hardware bundled into a reasonable per location monthly cost

Pooled Data & Shared Data Pools

One of the great things about using wireless for back up is that your data pool can be shared across multiple locations. If one site is having communications issues, they can tap into the entire group’s data pool helping to avoid costly overage charges associated with traditional wireless offerings.

Strong Coverage & Reasonable Pricing Strategy

Microspace’s VELOCITY CellCast provides strong, national, 3G, 4G/ LTE coverage and utilizes true enterprise-grade equipment bundled into a reasonable per location monthly cost.

Advanced Monitoring, Control & Reporting

Our advanced monitoring, control and reporting provides a true enterprise-quality service. 24/7 visibility of your network means that connectivity or hardware issues are immediately identified and resolved from Microspace’s award-winning Network Operations Center.

Are You Ready for a Better Business Continuity Solution?

Microspace provides enterprise class hardware and reliable 24/7/365 service for your business continuity needs. While quality hardware is important, it’s the service that sets Microspace apart.

Contact us to learn more about VELOCITY CellCast and discuss your business continuity plan, today.