MANAGED wireless connectivity solutions for enterprise applications

CellCast offers enterprise customers an independent network solution that is cost-effective, secure, and has dedicated bandwidth for content delivery and corporate communications.

CellCast is a trusted enterprise network solution for applications that include:

Cellcast Plans include:

  • Cradlepoint Broadband Router
  • Pay-as-you-go failover data
  • All software licenses and device warranty included
  • 24×7 real-time device health monitoring and management
  • 24×7 data use monitoring

Primary Connectivity

4G Wireless goes where wired technologies can’t. Whether your network challenge is infrastructure, security, or bandwidth, CellCast can deliver a high-bandwidth, secure connection to over 99% of North America. And we can get your network up and running quickly. Our typical lead-time from first call to having a managed router in place and running is less than a week!

Managed Failover

On average, companies in the U.S. experience network outages five times per month — that’s 60 periods of downtime each year! More shockingly, 56% reported having no formal network backup plan in place. These outages cost over $700 billion per year. Imagine how much productivity and revenue you’d save if you had a reliable, cost-effective business continuity solution? If your company is one of the 56% without a continuity solution, CellCast can solve your network backup problem.

Features & Capabilities

  • Run with existing network or standalone
  • Easy installation & seamless roll-out
  • Time & cost-efficiency

  • Flexible data plan options
  • Minimize deployment costs
  • Efficient data usage

CellCast in many cases runs parallel to an enterprise’s existing WAN (wide-area-network). CellCast is easy to install and can be provisioned and rolled out for a fraction of the cost and time of comparable terrestrial options.

CellCast service and hardware is combined into a single affordable monthly cost that minimizes upfront expenses for deployment. In addition, CellCast pools data across an enterprise’s network, which helps minimize possible data use overages.

Learn More About CellCast

CellCast is a cost-effective and powerful tool with a wide array of applications from providing wireless connectivity in remote locations, or serving as a network failover solution. See how CellCast can be used to solve your business challenges.