College campuses and grade school classrooms are quickly realizing the correlations between the technology of the future and education. Students now commonly interact with mobile devices and are growing accustomed daily interaction. Most of these devices are Wi-Fi enabled and can easily be synced together with Media Hotspot for educational development.

Teaching large groups of students often involves large scale assignment tracking and active participation, which can be difficult to manage without the help of a teacher’s assistant or aide. With the use of the Media Hotspot, teachers and professors alike are able to teach students on a platform they are already familiar with. Digital grading platforms can help teacher’s organize assignments and accurately track grades.

Tablet devices are rapidly replacing text books, changing practice problems from boring questions into an interactive graph with manipulative inputs.  Connecting students to an engaging network can produce better results than traditional methods of teaching. A teacher’s responsibility is to progress the education of their students. With the use of the Media Hotspot, teachers and professors are able to create assignments that can be accessed by various devices to spur activity and participation.

Certain aspects of class, such as midterms and quizzes require a higher level of security to verify the student’s identity prior to the testing.  The Media Hotspot can be used in combination with software packages to verify a student’s identity. Maintaining assignments and exams on a digital platform will also minimize that amount of paper submitted, ensuring that all of the teacher’s classroom materials can easily fit in their backpack or briefcase.

Accessing course material over the Media Hotspot can provide the added benefit of providing students with instant access to quiz and homework questions. Once an exam is submitted, the teacher or professor can instantly access the test material. To ensure that students are unable to share test material, answer keys can even be withheld from view until the last test is turned in. With the Media Hotspot, it is easy to say that school just got a little more technical.

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