Why Choose Microspace?

Businesses have relied on Microspace for nearly 30 years to distribute content for their corporate communications networks.

Guy Control BoardMicrospace has supported corporate communications for Fortune 500 companies, financial services (real-time trading and stock information), manufacturing, weather, and precision agriculture industries, just to name a few.

For almost 30 years, these industries have relied on our satellite, wireless, or internet-based communications for the high scalability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

The Truth About Satellite For Your Enterprise

Let’s put the myth to rest right now that satellite networks are expensive — just the opposite is true. With a corporate communications solution from Microspace, a fixed monthly cost can be applied across the network, no matter the number of locations. Connecting your organization to our global satellite network requires inexpensive hardware (a satellite antenna and digital video or data appliance).

Microspace offers VELOCITY as a dedicated satellite connection or as VELOCITY FileForward®, an on-demand digital broadcast service to fit a company’s specific distribution needs. Both services have the capability to distribute audio, data or video content, including conventional video to a television, LCD or plasma, for example, as well as IP video, which requires less bandwidth and can be delivered directly into the corporate LAN or WAN.

Global Corporate Communications

Microspace’s satellite footprint reaches across North America, Latin America, and Europe to easily connect multiple global locations onto a single network. This may include distributing content to digital signage networks, storing company policy content for on-demand use, or the live feed of an executive presentation.

Business Communications Applications

The application of corporate communications includes the distribution of educational, human resources and industry-specific materials, or any other video, data or audio content for the purpose of sharing the content with multiple locations and audiences.

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