Beginning April 1 through April 30, 2016, the following procedures should be used to retune CRC radios from the current frequency to the new frequency.

Current CRC Frequency:  04043.42
New CRC Frequency:  03832.45

For assistance with receiver issues, please contact your parent network.


  1. From the Main Screen showing the Unity-4000/SN/EbN0, press the right arrow to go to the Hardware Setup screen. Press “Select”.
  2. At the Current Settings screen press “Select”.
  3. Current RFIN FREQ should be 04043.42 and current DATA RATE should be 06.511. Press “Select” to edit.
  4. The first set of digits should be flashing on the RFIN FREQ. Use the down arrow to change the first three digits to 038, then press the right arrow once and change the second two digits to 32, then press the right arrow once and change the last two digits to 45. Press “Enter” to save. The Frequency should now read 03832.45.
  5. Right arrow three times to get to the Cancel/Save screen. Press “Enter” to save settings.

Samsung (Monitor and remote required)

  1. Press the “Menu” button on the remote. A Menu will appear with the following selections; Installation/Channel Organizing/Parental Lock/System Setup. Highlight “Installation” Press “Ok” on the remote. A pop-up window will appear asking for a “PIN” Code. The default PIN is 0000.  Enter the correct code.  A sub-Menu will appear.  Arrow down to “Manual Scanning” line.  Press “OK” on the remote. This will display a Menu with the current satellite. The current satellite should be AMC3C.
  2. Arrow down to the “Frequency” The Current Setting should be 4043 MHz.
  3. To enter the new “Frequency” of 3832 MHz, simply enter “3832”on the keypad of the remote. On the Samsung remote press the “Text” button. This will save the settings you just changed. Press “Exit” until you reach “Main” screen. Audio should return shortly.

Unity550 (Connected to a monitor with composite input is recommended)

  1. Press “Enter”
  2. Main Menu display, using the down arrow move down to the “Carrier Settings” line. Press “Enter”
  3. Carrier Settings screen displays. Using the down arrow move to the “Current Channel” line, Press “Enter”
  4. Current Channel displays, Arrow down to the “Frequency” line.
  5. The current Frequency is 4043.42 MHz.
  6. Press “Enter”
  7. Using the Up or Down arrow change the value to 3832.45 MHz.
  8. Press “Enter”
  9. Arrow down to the “Commit Changes” line Press “Enter”
  10. Receiver will fall back to default home screen on its own.

Unity 4600

  1. The main screen shows Prg ####, 4043.42MHz, and EbNo. From the main screen, use the right arrow to navigate to the “Downlink Frequency” Screen.
  2. The current downlink frequency is 4043.42 MHz.
  3. Press ENT and use the up and/or down arrow keys to change the frequency to 3832.450 MHz.
  4. Press ENT when the new frequency has been input.
  5. Press ESC to return to the main screen.

Unity 500

  1. Connect the receiver to a monitor using a composite input.
  2. From the Main Menu (access the Main Menu by pressing either the SELECT or ENTER buttons on the front panel), use the SELECT button to highlight the “Carrier Select” item. Press ENTER.
  3. Press SELECT to place cursor on the Carrier (MHz) field. Press ENTER.
  4. The current frequency is 4043.42 MHz. Use ENTER to change the digit (0-9), and use SELECT to move to the next digit to be changed.
  5. The new frequency is 3832.450 MHz.
  6. After completing the changes, press SELECT to select “Activate Selection and Exit.”
  7. Press ENTER to save the new settings and to activate the changes.
  8. Use SELECT to move to “Exit” to exit the Main Menu. Press ENTER.

Star Cruiser

  1. Connect the Star Cruiser to a monitor using a composite input. A remote is required.
  2. Press “Menu” on the remote.
  3. From the Main Menu, use the arrow keys to navigate down to “Installation”. Press “Ok” on the remote.
  4. On the “Installation” screen, navigate to “TP Configuration”. Press “Ok” on the remote.
  5. The current satellite settings will be displayed. Scroll down the list until LNB is highlighted.  Press “Ok” on the remote.
  6. Arrow down “L.O. Freq 4043” is highlighted. Press “Ok” on the remote.
  7. A cursor will appear under the current frequency. Use the arrow keys to enter the new frequency of 3832.450 MHz.  Press “Ok” on the remote.
  8. Press the “Exit” button on the remote.

AMBOS Receivers

Click here for retune instructions for AMBOS receivers.