Advertising in the food industry can vary from establishment to establishment. Many businesses have survived with tried and true methods such as handing out fliers, to word of mouth and social media. The survival of a restaurant can be directly correlated to how readily they are able to reach out to the local population and entice them to their establishment. This can present a problem for many businesses that are reluctant to upgrade and adapt their marketing strategies.

Business owners can be averse to accepting digital signage as the next step in advertising. It is common for managers to stick with their old methods that have been successful in the past. Unfortunately, the long term costs of traditional advertising can grow beyond the initial start-up cost for digital signage.  Once established, digital menus and advertisements are free to adjust and upload.

How can digital signage and mobile media help you?

Restaurant patrons often rate the cleanliness of the establishment by the state of the menus they are given. A sharp and clean menu can lend a great first impression for your business. If a menu is sticky from the previous persons drink, then this can be seen as a deterrent for a return visit.

Successful restaurants around the country are replacing their plastic menus with digital tablets and other hand-held devices. Connected to private data networks, wait staff are able to present patrons with a crisp and clean menu on a tablet. We have even seen examples of restaurants placing ingredients underneath the meals for patrons to see exactly what the meal entails. Once the patron’s minds are made up, it is possible to place their order directly by tablet.

Having a digital and interactive menu on a tablet platform can greatly minimize wasteful ticketing systems, improve the accuracy of the order taking and provide customers an experience over your competitors. Digital platforms also allow for patrons to pay for their meal through a credit or debit card. If your patrons are already texting while at dinner, how willing do you believe they would be to leave a review on your restaurant’s digital tablet?

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