FastSigns LogoMicrospace has been providing content delivery and communication solutions for 28 years and has recently been recommended by FASTSIGNS International, Inc. to provide a wireless solution that is economical, easy to install, and provides the bundling and bandwidth pooling of a network that is exclusively offered to FASTSIGNS centers.

When your digital signage or kiosk application has network security, bandwidth, or infrastructure challenges, choosing the right networking technology and technology partner is critical. Increasingly, industries like banks, retail, healthcare, casinos, government and military facilities are restricting use of their internal network for non-business critical applications, leaving a key piece of a successful deployment up in the air. Eric Kriemelmeyer, owner of FASTSIGNS® of Waldorf, MD had this exact challenge with a project being proposed by a Maryland State Committee.

The Committee sought solutions to provide up to date information to visitors in public spaces. One project requirement was to generate content from a central agency and disseminate this information as needed and routinely throughout the entire state. Kriemelmeyer envisioned a digital signage and interactive touchscreen solution where visitors could be shown information, and find information on their own. While the hardware and content started to come together, Kriemelmeyer found one piece of the puzzle that was still missing – how to communicate with and monitor the digital kiosks once they were installed.

The locations did have network connectivity, but both infrastructure and security became very IT intensive process which threatened to cause delays in deployment and increase the installation costs dramatically. With plans to grow the number of these interactive locations, Kriemelmeyer specified the need for a simple “one plug” solution that would power the display and provide data connection, allowing each unit to be repurposed for different events and exhibits, and allow unrestricted access to the device by the central agency staff.

In searching for a solution to fit this increasingly common requirement for connectivity, Eric reached out to Wayne Rasor, Manager of Digital Signage at FASTSIGNS® International, Inc. for a recommendation. Wayne suggested a managed wireless product from Microspace Communications, called VELOCITY CellCast, which he had recently tested and now recommends for this scenario.

Rasor states, “Microspace’s solution has been designed from the ground up to support digital signage and kiosk connectivity across multiple locations. With the integration of their 24x7x365 network operations center, network maintenance costs and expensive truck rolls are greatly reduced or eliminated.”

Key features of VELOCITY CellCast include:

  • Data monitoring and real-time alerts to avoid expensive data overages
  • Avoid IT security and infrastructure delays
  • Quick deployment and easy setup
  • Minimized truck rolls with maximum network visibility and reliability

“The CellCast wireless router came from Microspace fully provisioned and configured. It was simple to set up and immediately had me connected remotely to remote equipment. From there, uploading content, monitoring playback, and collecting information was very easy” added Kriemeimeyer. “Not all digital signage opportunities require us to bring our own connection, but when it is required, CellCast makes it quick and painless.”

Bringing your own fully managed network into a signage or kiosk opportunity isn’t always an option, but when challenges with security, infrastructure or existing network bandwidth threaten to derail your project, VELOCITY CellCast provides the quickest and most cost-effective managed network option available.

VELOCITY CellCast includes 24x7x365 monitoring of the network by Microspace’s award-winning network operations center based in Raleigh, NC. This, along with over 28 years of enterprise communications experience offers peace of mind to clients with important content and high security standards. For additional information about Microspace solutions click here or reach out to Curtis Tilly.