Galaxy IIIC Satellite FootprintMicrospace uses the Galaxy IIIC Satellite operating at 95° W.L. for supporting a variety of data broadcast applications and single channel per carrier (SCPC) applications. Chances are that if you receive a page, hear background music or watch weather images on your local television newscast, you are receiving content provided through Microspace via the Galaxy IIIC Satellite. Microspace’s services are also fully protected and non-preemptible, meaning you get the highest level of service provided by any satellite operator.

Pointing Information

Pointing coordinates for the Galaxy IIIC satellite are listed by city. Find pointing information for your city:

Footprint Configuration

The Galaxy IIIC Satellite’s Footprint Configuration Contours Indicate Minimum Dish Recommendations:

  • 1st Contour – .75 meter antenna
  • 2nd Contour – 1.0 meter antenna
  • 3rd Contour – 1.2 meter antenna