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HostCast Streaming LogoMicrospace’s HostCast Streaming Video solution provides secure, reliable, and cost-effective streaming of your business-critical video to users around the globe. This solution is extremely scalable and can support hundreds or even thousands of unique viewers.

Deliver Live Streaming or On-Demand Video

Your staff is on the move and not always in the office and available for traditional corporate communications. HostCast Streaming delivers your video content live or on demand directly to their smartphones, tablets or any other Internet connected device. Our live streaming solution is device agnostic and supports Windows, iOS and Android players.

From higher bandwidth HD video to legacy SD business video, content is encoded locally at our facility which provides the highest quality stream as well as the highest level of service and support for your video needs.

HostCast Streaming Video Service
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Business Video Network You Can Depend On

Microspace prides itself in providing the best network management, service and support in enterprise streaming. Whether full-time, part-time, or on‑demand, leave it up to us to keep a close eye on your streaming needs 24/7 to make sure each and every user has access to your video whenever and wherever they need it.

Learn More About Our Business Video Solution

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