Businesses and corporations around the world are growing at an accelerated rate. When businesses expand and branches are set up, it is increasingly important to have efficient and reliable lines of communication for the expansion to succeed. Here at Microspace Communications, our primary goal is to provide reliable, cost-effective and long-term delivery platforms for our client’s content.

Companies working with large data files can find it difficult and cumbersome to transfer information across the internet without the use of data sharing platforms and the like. Our solution to this problem is to use private data networks for the seamless transfer of information from one location to multiple, all through our satellite networks. This can be extremely valuable if your business relies on the internet for every-day operations.

Large data migration can slow your entire business, and create more problems through the loss of revenue.  Our Media Hotspot will allow businesses to transfer large quantities of data across our networks to other locations without affecting your business or workflow.  This can be extremely useful for transferring large files, such as training videos. This ability can be extremely valuable for the service industry, where training videos allow for the same guidelines and procedures to be implemented and followed at each location, even if they are geographically separated.

Our private data networks also help our clients transfer and manage their digital signage material to various locations. If your company has a headquarters, where you would like to manage and control advertising campaigns, it is possible to with our Media Hotspot. The implementation for the digital signage networks is simple, and once the initial costs have been paid, you will have access to a reliable and cost effective marketing platform.

If you would like to contact us or receive more information regarding our Media Hotspot, please call us at (919) 850-4500