During the last day or so, several of Microspace’s customers have inquired about Hurricane Florence and its possible impact on our services. This is a quick summary of our preparedness for this storm and similar weather conditions.

First of all, based on the current tracking of Hurricane Florence, Microspace’s Network Control Center weather forecast shows the greatest chance of rain is Friday through Sunday.

All in all, we expect little or no service degradation as this hurricane passes along, or comes ashore, North Carolina’s coast line.

At the same time, our contingency plans are always on-the-ready. System redundancy is regularly tested. Backup UPS systems are always available. Both power generators are full of fuel.

Just in case, we will have additional manpower on-site and on-call.

To maximize our outreach to our customers, we are posting this information on our website at www.microspace.com. If there are additional members of your company that should have this information feel free to share it with them, or contact Microspace Network Control at 919-850-4503. We will forward this Hurricane Florence Preparedness Statement as directed by you.

Thank you for your business, and your thoughts and concerns during this upcoming weather event.