A few weeks ago I blogged about Satellite Services and how they are a part of the Cloud. This week the Microspace staff is at the Digital Signage Expo (DSE). We are sharing our expertise of communications with the tens of thousands of expected visitors at DSE.

What type of content will those digital signage experts display? Video, of course!

For decades, and maybe a half century, Americans have heard messaging and branding in retail stores, restaurants and public venues. My daughter, sons, nieces and nephews have grown up in a visual world. Their generation expects to SEE and HEAR marketing messages. They will stop and watch video.

Most of the content that users look at on their smartphones is video. It only makes sense that the marketing community wants to promote video to digital signs in public venues, too.

Whether you are attending DSE, or any of the other digital tradeshows this spring, think about satellite to deliver your message. Today Microspace has over 280,000 businesses looking “in and over the Cloud”. We can deliver your Visual Marketing, too.

To get more information about how cost effective Microspace’s satellite services are for Cloud applications, call our sales team at 919-850-4561, or send an email to uplink@microspace.com. We’ll talk with you about VELOCITY.