Businesses throughout the world are constantly looking for up-to-date communications networks to keep up with their competition. Microspace Communications specializes in inter-business communication networks through the development of their private data networks and satellite broadcasting.

Ease Communication

The twenty first century has allowed for businesses to establish branches throughout the world, and this can lead to communications problems if the local infrastructure is aging or unreliable. Our satellite broadcasting services create a network for your business which can enable seamless communication that your business can successfully utilize among its many branches.

Optimum Security Protects Your Information

Every private data network is established to keep your information secure and easily transferrable between business locations. Satellite uplinks do not rely on the local infrastructure to transfer your information. When transferring large amounts of data via satellites, your employees will be able to perform optimally without restricting internet speeds.

Would You Like More Information?

If you would like more information regarding the installation of our private data networks please call our sales department at (919) 850-4500 or visit our contact page.