In the world of IoT (Internet of Things), everything needs to be connected — regardless of whether you’re operating in a metropolis with the fastest network connectivity and availability, or if you operate remote locations where slow speed connections exist or maybe no wired connectivity at all!

Having reliable connectivity to support these IoT applications is only one of the many IoT challenges facing the enterprise. The need to adapt to the IoT era also presents a slew of challenges in monitoring, sensing, data tracking, and real-time alerting for multiple industries across the marketplace.

Microspace Communications has developed VELOCITY CellCast, a wireless network for enterprise connectivity, and VELOCITY DataBridge, a 2-way VSAT satellite solution, that have each carved a place in the market as fully managed, reliable options for connectivity,  remote monitoring and tracking of IoT applications.

Whether the need is for remote monitoring of thousands of data points at hundreds of locations, tracking tens-of-thousands of variables and criteria every minute, or something a little less demanding, Microspace’s VELOCITY CellCast and VELOCITY DataBridge technologies are perfect for meeting your company’s IoT requirements.

Verticals with IoT Requirements

There are many different verticals where a VELOCITY solution may a top option for fully managed network connectivity. Some of the common industries we see CellCast and DataBridge making an impact in include:

  • HVAC, Heating & Cooling
  • Data Centers & IT
  • Oil & Gas
  • Energy & Electrical
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural

What Microspace Brings to the IoT Party

Many internet service providers (ISPs) claim to be leaders in enterprise communications. However, these big industry players have no interest in offering the 24/7/365 network support that many of these IoT applications require. That’s the key part that Microspace brings to the party: Around the clock network monitoring and reporting by our highly trained technical staff.

We do more than just provide an internet connection. We offer a true fully managed solution for remote monitoring, sensors, data tracking, reporting for your business critical IoT application.

VELOCITY CellCast for Remote Monitoring & Tracking

Wireless Connectivity + 24/7/365 Network Support
VELOCITY CellCast is designed to be the leading enterprise solution for multiple applications, including remote monitoring and tracking. CellCast is ideal for companies operating in areas that have  cellular connectivity and require robust network monitoring  24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

USE CASE: HVAC, Industrial
In large industrial facilities, there are multiple components that need to be monitored around the clock — many different criteria and data sets that must be collected and tracked for precision. For instance, HVAC systems must be fully operational and monitored for abnormalities in things like temperature or air flow. For industrial facilities in areas where wireless connectivity is readily available, VELOCITY CellCast fully managed wireless solution is perfect for providing your network’s connectivity, and the necessary remote monitoring and reporting.

VELOCITY DataBridge for Remote Monitoring & Tracking

Bi-directional Satellite + Remote Accessibility
Like CellCast, VELOCITY DataBridge is a fully managed solution with 24/7/365 network visibility at our award-winning Network Control Center. Network Control Engineers are highly skilled in tracking your critical specified requirements and, if a problem is detected, our engineers will begin troubleshooting and alert you of the issue in real-time.

Unlike CellCast, DataBridge is ideal for areas where network connectivity may be little to non-existent, such as unmanned oil fields spread across rural Texan flatlands. DataBridge utilizes VSAT technology to provide bi-directional satellite communications to support your remote monitoring and tracking IoT requirement.

USE CASE: Oil & Gas
In the oil and gas industry, there are many applications where connectivity is a challenge. There may not be wired infrastructure available, there may be wireless connectivity that is poor or maybe no connectivity at all. In these cases, setting up a cost effective DataBridge VSAT terminal is a solid option. For example, oil wells that are out in rural parts of the region and unmanned, or stationed miles out at sea will have vital information that needs to be monitored at all times. This criteria could include pipe pressure, valve performance, flow status, and more.

How Could Your Company Benefit From an IoT Solution?

Think about it! How much more profitable and efficient would your business be if you partnered with an IoT solutions provider that offered 24/7/365 network operations monitoring and reporting  from a state-of-the-art and award-winning Network Control Center?

Speak to a Microspace IoT expert today!