Private Data NetworksReliable lines of communication are an increasingly necessary aspect of multi-national corporations and businesses around the world. Communication with subsidiaries or branches should be easy, and without risk.

Microspace Communications is dedicated to helping your business easily and securely communicate with different regions throughout the world.

Satellite Uplink

It is our job to ensure that your sensitive information remains secure and easily accessible within your company’s infrastructure. Our private data networks allow for businesses to easily communicate between branches, regardless of location. Satellite uplinks allow for the seamless transfer of information between locations. Having the peace of mind that your information will remain secure can allow management to focus on the real tasks at hand.

Satellite uplinks between branches can also allow multi-national corporations to separate divisions and limit access to specific technology. Some organizations prefer to keep research and development isolated to one branch location, and can prefer the restriction of sensitive information to a few specific executives in the organizational structure. Our private data networks will keep your organization’s competitive advantage safe.

Private data networks allow for the monitoring and transfer of large quantities of sensitive information via satellite uplinks. These systems are established separately from the internet your business commonly uses. This is important for organizations that operate online and cannot afford for the transfer of large files to slow down their employee’s work.

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