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Media Broadcasting

Content Distribution Services

Since our customers depend on Microspace to deliver their media, we have engineered our service to provide reliable global distribution of content and exceed 99.95% availability on an annual basis. Because each site is fully addressable and specific sites can receive specific programming, you are in complete control of your network and how your content is distributed. Worried about the security of your content? Don’t be! Our strategy for content distribution is fully secure using the latest smart card technology to ensure your content will always be safe.

Media Broadcast Benefits

  • Highs-speed Audio/Video and data transmission
  • Worldwide content distribution capabilities
  • Private and secure network for delivery of critical programming and content
  • Occasional Use Service & Disaster Recovery Available

Broadcasting Solutions

As one of the largest global business satellite broadcasting networks with over 350,000 remote links worldwide, we’ve been delivering quality audio and video via our world-class Raleigh, NC, teleport since the 1980s. Microspace Broadcasting Services are equipped to develop customized solutions that combine the multi-point distribution capabilities of satellite, the flexibility of IP, and the high-quality HD reliability of fiber. C-band and K-band analog, Digital, and HD uplink and downlink antennas — positioned to receive or transmit to any satellite in the domestic arc — offer connectivity to LTN quality fiber / IP VPN video broadcasting networks.

IP AND Fiber Distribution

By offering inbound and outbound connectivity utilizing LTN over IP, and The Switch, we can provide various SD and HD video distribution methods throughout the US and many international locations.

For programs that require a mix of fiber and satellite transmissions, we utilize our partners’ and suppliers’ skills and technologies to design the solution that best meets your needs, both technically and economically. The capability to mix terrestrial fiber and satellite transmissions enables us to deliver high-quality, professional, low-latency video via a solution that meets your technical and budgetary needs.

Satellite Partners


Microspace provides media broadcast services to the following industries:

  • Radio Networks
  • Television Networks
  • Agriculture
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Hospitality
  • Commercial Enterprise
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Local Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Security 
  • Hospitality
  • Business Franchises
  • Online Retail
  • Consumer Goods
  • Finance