Microspace has provided world class live shot production and distribution from its Raleigh, NC studio for well over 30 years. The impressive list of clients that use Microspace’s services is truly a “Who’s Who” among large, medium and small media outlets. Most of these organizations operate domestically and internationally.

Unmatched Connectivity

The company’s connectivity is unmatched in the region. Microspace offers C and Ku band satellite uplinking, multiple fiber distribution providers, including Level3/Vyvx and The SWITCH, as well as internet delivery solutions with LTN and Digicaster.

New IP Streaming Video Services for the “Total Experience”

In addition to traditional services, Microspace provides a wide variety of new offerings, including editing and transcoding of recorded or live video in multiple IP streaming formats. Microspace offers CDN services as well as delivery of video streams to the CDN specified by the customer.

Bonnie McNay, Manager of the Microspace Video Services facility commented, “Each of our valued clients understands that our goal has always been to provide flawless delivery of their content. We package that delivery with excellent personal service and attention to each detail, ensuring the customer’s total experience is trouble free and dependable from start to finish. Our highly trained engineering staff is available around the clock and can respond rapidly to last minute requests.”

The Microspace studio contains professional grade video and audio processing and recording equipment, lighting, digital cameras, teleprompter, as well as green screen and full screen digital backdrop options. The digital backdrop allows us to offer our clients multiple background options as well as the flexibility to provide their own digital content. Microspace can also serve any digital recording and playback requirements that organizations may have.

Microspace’s green room provides a spacious and comfortable area for guests and their staff to relax and prepare for their upcoming liveshot. WiFi is available, as well a variety of beverages and snacks. Microspace also offers professional makeup upon request.

Request a Quote for Video & Liveshot Services

For more detailed information or to obtain a quotation for services and book a live shot, please contact us. For direct access to the control room and studio call (919) 850-4565.