Raleigh, NC, September 29, 2014 — Microspace Communications is extremely excited to announce several new Managed Network Digital Signage Solutions. First, within the VELOCITY CellCast service, we have introduced a no-capital expenditure (cap-ex) wireless solution for large, medium or small signage networks. Microspace’s no-cap offer allows companies to upgrade and lease a wide range of products without having to buy more equipment.

While delivering dedicated bandwidth for content delivery and now a no cap-ex hardware option, Microspace also expands how CellCast is managed in the following ways:

Pooled Data—The ability to deliver large amounts of information and a combination of various forms of video and data is an absolute necessity, which is why we created a pooled data plan that protects against overages of your network’s bandwidth.

Network Management & Custom Notifications—Network managementmonitoring is a key feature of Microspace’s CellCast. Our advanced monitoring and control provide a true enterprise level service with 24/7 visibility of your network. This means that sites with connectivity or hardware issues can be immediately identified and resolved from Microspace’s award winning Network Operations Center. Along with this management CellCast now offers customized notifications for individual business needs with signage networks.

Simplified Installation and Setup—In order to better serve enterprise customers’ needs of reliable content delivery connections that are easily shared with existing networks, Microspace has simplified network installation and setup. This new process allows companies to change their signage content quickly and without hassles.

In addition to signage, CellCast can also be configured and sold as a parallel network supporting failover system for retail Point of Sale (POS) transactions. This added value to current signage operators and integrators provides a secure link with an enterprise grade router to protect customer’s information.

“CellCast is the perfect solution for retail locations that require digital signage connectivity. A single CellCast router provides a fully managed wireless and Wi-Fi environment that keeps signage content off the end customer’s network, which is becoming an important issue with recent retail network security scares,” said Curt Tilly, Director of Enterprise Media, Microspace.


Here’s a brief video that tells you more and also highlights our Managed Services capabilities: New Services from Microspace


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