Corporate communication between branches and amongst departments can create the cohesion a successful business needs in order to excel above the competition. Microspace Communications Corporation has focused on this, and is happy to introduce their Media Hotspot. The Media Hotspot will receive and store media, then deliver that media wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet or any other WiFi enabled device!

Tailored for corporate use, the Media Hotspot private data networks can be accessed by desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. Once the Media Hotspot is connected to a business’s network, it is able to access digital signage throughout the building. This same technology is easily implemented into retail settings, delivering your message to your customers as they shop throughout your place of business.

Uploading media is simple task with our web-based content management system. The Media Hotspot is able to save and transfer documents, PDF files, in addition to streaming audio and video files with ease. The Media Hotspot is capable of saving information on a SD card, or on the machine itself. It is even possible to direct these documents or files to specific locations, branches or departments by satellite or via the internet.

Once the media files have been received by an established Media Hotspot location, the user can easily access the information through a WiFi enabled devices such as an Ipad, IPhone, Android or similar mobile device. The user interface allows for seamless user interaction, and can arm your business and employees with the tools to exceed over your competition.

If you would like to hear more information regarding our Media Hotspot, please call our sales department at (919) 850-4500.