Appalachian State University fans will be seeing more of their team’s sports action beginning this September with the completion of a joint project between App State in Boone, North Carolina and Raleigh, North Carolina based Microspace Communications.

David Jackson, Appalachian State’s Associate Director of Broadcast Operations for Athletics stated “Creating brand awareness for our University and Athletic Department is a very important mission of ours at Appalachian State. This project allows us the ability to distribute the vehicle of live sports television to a broad audience that includes many of our key areas of interest throughout the state of North Carolina and the southeast region, while doing so in the spirit of creativity and cooperation.  Thanks to the distribution power of Microspace, fans will get the live App State sports content they crave delivered within live HD broadcasts.  This project also provides a learning lab for App State students involved on our crew to work alongside talented industry professionals.”

He continued by saying, “We know that our location makes it challenging for broadcast resources to be deployed to our area on a spur-of-the-moment basis. Through creative engineering by our staff along with Microspace, we’ve also created a “flash studio” to use as a mechanism to make live interview content available in ways that will service not only our athletic department, but our University, and the community as a whole. Thanks to the path created by talented engineers throughout this project, we no longer have to let our distance from key news hubs serve as a distraction when telling our story. If an “Appalachian Expert,” has something that is deemed news- worthy, our staff will be able to assist in making that content readily available for nationwide satellite distribution to television stations, networks and cable channels in very short order.”

Microspace Will Also Provide Nationwide Media Outlets Access to App State Experts

Bonnie McNay, Director of the Microspace Video Services facility, stated, “We are thrilled to have contributed to App State’s newly expanded capabilities and look forward to broadcasting a wide variety of their content on a national basis.   It has long been a goal of Microspace to make sports and educational talent from North Carolina universities readily available on a technically sound and economical platform.”  In addition to Appalachian State, Microspace provides distribution services for Duke University, NC State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill through various interconnection methods. Membership in the Microspace Expert Network simplifies this process.

Microspace Communications has provided world class satellite transmission of live sports, news, government and educational programming for well over 25 years.  The impressive list of clients that use Microspace’s services is truly a Who’s Who among small, medium and large media outlets.  Many of these organizations operate domestically and internationally. The company’s connectivity is unmatched in the state. Microspace offers C and Ku band satellite uplinking, multiple fiber distribution providers, including Level3/Vyvx and The SWITCH, as well as internet delivery solutions such as LTN and Digicaster.  In addition to traditional services, Microspace provides a wide variety of services, including satellite media tours, editing and transcoding of recorded or live video in multiple IP streaming formats.

For more detailed information regarding Appalachian State’s offering, contact David Jackson on (828)262-2018 or

For information regarding Microspace services, contact our Video Services & Liveshot Studio.  For direct access to the control room and studio call (919) 850-4559.