In mid-March, Microspace was once again in Las Vegas for the Digital Signage Expo. This was the 10th year of participation and was likely one of the most exciting.

microspace-10-year-exhibitor-digital-signage-expo-2016First, the digital signage industry is exhibiting growth that’s been expected for quite some time. There are a number of factors at play here, but better and less expensive displays and feature filled content management software are certainly a part of the growth equation.

Ease of signage content delivery and network management certainly shouldn’t be overlooked as growth factors either. Microspace was extremely pleased with the attendee response to our new VELOCITY CellCast wireless offering.

CellCast is quite unique and here are several features that created buzz during the event:

  • No Capex options for service and hardware
  • Guaranteed No Overage Charges
  • 24/7/365 Network Monitoring and Reporting
  • Operates totally separate from existing WAN

Wireless has become an accepted and proven communications solution for digital signage. Microspace will continue to listen to user needs and provide the very best solutions available for network operators. As we say, “Content is King, ONLY if it arrives at the intended location reliably and cost effectively…” Microspace makes sure that happens day in and day out.

See you next year at the 2017 DSE, as we make it 11 years at the Digital Signage Expo!

Greg Hurt, VP of Sales & Marketing at Microspace Communications, reflects on the recent 2016 DSE. Learn more about Greg Hurt.