When Microspace first began selling our VELOCITY CellCast 4G service, it was offered as a network backup and failover solution to companies that needed reliable, always-ready network service.

Based on requests from our solution-provider partners, we have recently discovered a new use for our service: month-to-month temporary networks.

“We’ve been surprised by the demand for temporary month-to-month services based on waiting for a cable or DSL build or not having a cost effective wired solution because of an infrastructure challenge. That’s why we created our new month-to-month offering: to address these situations and help businesses get the connectivity they need.”

Curtis Tilly, Director of Enterprise Solutions

Temporary Network Services

With Velocity CellCast, we can offer you a 4G Wireless network connection than can go where wired technologies can’t, or aren’t available at yet. Here’s a few examples of how our month-to-month services have helped our customers:

No Infrastructure on site

When constructing a new building on a site without any existing infrastructure, our client needed internet access throughout their site for the crew to use. Our service provided them with connectivity within a week that gave them a reliable and fast temporary connection while they were building out the site.

New construction with no cable connection

An office park built at the end of town did not have a DSL or cable connection leading to it. The cable company said they could extend the network out to their location for a $5,000 build cost. The customer chose our month-to-month services instead.

The office park got their router within a few days of ordering it and were up and running at a cost of only $250 a month with no long-term contract. This semi-permanent solution allowed them to get their business running while they wait for the cable company to build out their way in the future.

Awaiting connection from local cable company

Our customer’s warehouse construction was finished faster than expected, and they were ready to get down to business. But the cable company wasn’t  – they had a 90 day wait on cable connectivity to the location. We configured their router, overnighted it, and the warehouse was up and running on their new wireless connection the next day.

Benefits of Temporary Network Services through VELOCITY CellCast

With VELOCITY CellCast, you can have a high-bandwidth, secure connection up and running in less than a week.

You’ll get

  • Plug and play wireless service
  • 10 gigabytes of data each month, with the option to buy more as needed
  • 24/7/365 live support
  • Fully managed connectivity, device monitoring and usage reports

Simple and Ready When You Need it

Choosing to go with VELOCITY CellCast for your temporary wireless service is easy. Our network engineers will consult with you on the features you need and configure the router for you. When the router arrives, all you need to do is plug it into the wall and then you’re online with reliable 4G service.

When your infrastructure is complete or your cable/DSL connects arrives, simply ship the wireless router back to our office.

Contact us to go wireless with your network connection and have managed failover service today.