VELOCITY CellCast for POS Backup & Network Failover

On average, companies in the U.S. experience network outages five times per month — that’s 60 periods of downtime each year! More shockingly, 56% reported having no formal network backup plan in place. These outages cost over $700 billion per year. Imagine how much productivity and revenue you’d save if you had a reliable, cost-effective business continuity solution?

If your company is one of the 56% without a continuity solution, VELOCITY CellCast can solve your network backup problem.

VELOCITY CellCast wireless network technology is used in Microspace’s VELOCITY Continuity offering for Point of Sale (POS) System back up in the event of network failure. VELOCITY CellCast is a fully managed connectivity solution, perfect for wireless failover and business continuity applications.

Never miss a sale or get stuck with the mess of finding out transactions were denied after-the-fact, because you didn’t have a POS network continuity solution in place.

When your main communications system fails, VELOCITY CellCast automatically activates to run your POS system, until the primary network comes back online.

VELOCITY CellCast can eliminate the pains associated with processing credit card payments during network and POS downtime for retail, quick service restaurants, and any other instance where a POS system is required.

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