Businesses and the people that run them are constantly moving forward with the development of new technologies. Even with the development of these new technologies, are your business’s private data networks able to fully integrate their use into your current business model? To assist businesses and organizations with this fundamental question, Microspace Communications Corporation has developed their Media Hotspot hardware and software to help bridge the growing gap between businesses and smart technologies.

We have seen how common it is for employees to carry the latest and most advanced smart phones or tablets year after year. However, the way employees use these devices has shown little improvement with each consecutive upgrade. Most often, employees use smartphones and tablets to check their email accounts and social media updates. We believe that most businesses under utilize the emerging technologies that are readily available in the workplace.

The Media Hotspot was designed and developed to help companies turn smartphones and tablets into platforms for efficiency and excellence. Once connected to your private data networks via a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, your devices will be able to easily transfer information to and from the Media Hotspot, while simultaneously saving content on the device itself.

Once installed to your business’s internet network, your employees will be able to easily link and share videos, audio documents and files such as PDF’s to the Media Hotspot. Project files and tutorials can easily be saved to the Media Hotspot and even connected to a satellite or the internet to broadcast to other branch locations!

If you are interested in more information regarding our Media Hotspot, please call our Sales Department at (919) 850-4518.