Network security is an increasingly valuable commodity with corporate expansion allowing branches to successfully establish offices in different cities and countries. Growing a business requires open lines of communication to work efficiently as a single unit. Private data networks help companies establish intra-office networks with the Media Hotspot and satellite data transfer.

Businesses vary with daily operations, but their need for security and reliability remains important. Establishing an office branch away from the headquarters can stress a network’s performance since most data transfers occur over the internet. Large packets of data can slow down the network and result in increased labor costs due to slower workflows.

Private data networks connected by satellite will provide your company with the security and stability needed to efficiently operate. Since the network is separate from the internet, your private data network can effectively reduce risk and mitigate damage caused by viruses, malware, spyware and hackers. Sensitive company files can be delivered to all branches with little stress on the network’s performance.

Switching to a private data network can also allow for increased storage capacity with the switch to the Media Hotspot. Transferring work files can become as simple as accessing a file on your desktop and moving it to another computer within the network, regardless of geographic location.

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