Microspace provides satellite uplink and broadcasting services to businesses around the world. Our primary goal is to provide a reliable, cost-effective and long-term content delivery platform for our clients’ content. The technology used for satellite uplink services provides a signal, which can be managed directly by the customer and easily adapts to a customer’s changing transmission requirements.

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Solution Portfolio Overview

The Microspace solution portfolio is designed to allow customers to choose from a vast variety of options and levels of service as their business grows and needs change.

Solution Technology Description
VELOCITY Satellite Solution for companies requiring a dedicated private network and full-time, 24/7 multicast channel for high-speed delivery of video, audio, or data content to multiple locations.
CellCast Cellular Wireless network solution, utilizing 4G and 5G LTE technology to provide dedicated bandwidth for content delivery and corporate communications. For continuity or POS backup, CellCast automatically activates when your primary link goes down to eliminate interruptions in POS processing.
VELOCITY MicroBurst Satellite Similar to File Forward, MicroBurst is used for “bursts” of additional bandwidth for video broadcasting. Perfect for companies requiring a higher level of service, without buying into a dedicated full-time channel.
VELOCITY DUALlink Satellite Engineered to improve upon an already impressive 99.99% network availability, DUALlink increases availability by up to 71% — ideal for businesses who require the highest level of efficiency and connectivity.
Video Streaming Internet Internet IP streaming solution to deliver business-critical video to any internet connected device, including hand-held, mobile, or in the office.
Video Production & Liveshot Studio Video Services Microspace is an established industry leader in liveshot studio and video production services. We provide the studio, technology, and capability to produce and deliver liveshot video feeds to media and major news outlets.

Satellite Broadcasting Packages

Our satellite broadcasting service packages include: VELOCITY, an MPEG-2/DVB, high-speed broadcast video, data and audio service; VELOCITY EUROPE, VELOCITY LATIN AMERICA an IP delivery solution for moving data into Europe and Latin America; VELOCITY FileForward, a service used for occasional delivery of digitized files of any type; VELOCITY MicroBurst, a service that allows for bursts of bandwidth, and Occasional Video services for transmission/reception of live or taped broadcasts.

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