Microspace has been delivering audio since 1988. As an experienced radio broadcasting provider, the number of radio stations that currently receive programming from Microspace exceeds 3,000!

Microspace’s satellite services are a proven fit for the distribution of radio programming whether for real-time delivery to stations or for store and forward applications. These services offer content providers an easy-to-use and reliable means for distributing and managing content.

Radio stations can benefit from the expanded array of offerings that they can access as a result of the proven cost-effectiveness of Microspace’s distribution capabilities

Radio Broadcasting Solutions by Microspace Communications

Microspace is a division of Capitol Broadcasting Company in Raleigh, NC, which has owned and operated radio properties for decades. It is because of this affiliation that Microspace understands clearly the needs and requirements of the radio industry.

Founded in its ability to securely, reliably and cost effectively distribute content, Microspace can also provide the following benefits to the radio broadcasters:

Minimal Capital Expense

Unlike many satellite broadcasting options, Microspace handles all bandwidth, uplinking and teleport infrastructure. This means you make your investments in programming not a satellite uplinking facility that also requires manpower, utilities. etc. You simply need to deliver the content to the Microspace facility and we’ll take it from there.

Expanded Market Reach

Microspace currently offers radio broadcasting services via satellite, which is very desirable radio broadcasting neighborhoods. The number of radio stations that currently receive programming from Microspace exceeds 3000!

Experienced Provider

Microspace has been delivering audio since 1988. Microspace has worked closely with Christian radio programmers for years and has done the same with secular broadcasters. Microspace would be pleased to put that experience to work for your network.

Proven Solution

Microspace satellite content distribution is proven technology for radio broadcasting and ensures high quality sound and easy management of content through a secure, reliable and cost effective solution. We also understand the importance of infrastructure redundancy so your network is operating as designed today and everyday!

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