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Microspace is pleased to announce a collaboration with RevolutionEHR to provide our 4G internet access (VELOCITY CellCast) to RevolutionEHR customers. The program, customized for RevolutionEHR customers, is outlined below.

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How the Program Works

Simply submit the application form below to start the process. After you complete and submit the application, Microspace identifies the best 4G internet access package of hardware, software, and internet service provider for your geographic location.

Pricing and Service Options

Primary Connectivity: Cellcast provides primary internet capable of running the RevolutionEHR platform when other traditional internet connections are not available, not fast enough, or not reliable enough. Pricing, including an enterprise-grade router and pooled data, starts at $150.00 monthly.

Backup Service: Cellcast provides automated Network Failover Solution and fallback to locations where existing internet exists. As a backup, CellCast insures that connectivity to RevolutionEHR is always available. Pricing, which includes pooled data and network monitoring, starts at $76.00 monthly.

For specific questions regarding pricing and options, please fill out the contact form below.

Why is this Important

The RevolutionEHR platform requires an internet connection with adequate bandwidth to provide an optimal experience. Microspace’s service is fully managed and helps make the process of installing the internet simple and affordable. Additionally, the purchasing power of RevolutionEHR is applied to both the service and the data pool. This helps minimize or eliminate the need to worry about data overages on the Cellcast 4G network. Unlike other providers, Microspace never throttles or limits bandwidth on Cellcast which helps ensure a high quality RevolutionEHR experience.

Suggested Best Practices

The Microspace VELOCITY CellCast service has been designed and optimized for RevolutionEHR’s platform. In order to reduce data usage and avoid data overage costs, the service should not be used for streaming audio, video, or other high bandwidth internet uses.

Implementing the following suggested best practices in your practice will reduce data usage and help avoid data overage costs:

  • WIFI– Be careful with Wi-Fi passwords on the device or other router so that unauthorized access does not occur to your 4G device.
  • Surfing– Refrain from unnecessary internet surfing.
  • Streaming– Abstain from all streaming of video or audio.
  • Host Locations Wi-Fi– If you’re in a two door state with a separate reception desk for a receptionist and PC, determine whether that computer can access the internet via the host Wi-Fi.
  • Scanning Paper Files– If you’re adding Revolution to an existing practice that has been using paper files and you intend to scan the paper files into RevolutionEHR as existing patients return, consider scanning the files into REV from a location with a wired internet connection until you better understand your data usage.
  • Uploading Images– If you’re storing slitlamp, retinal images or other files to the REV cloud, be thoughtful about uploading the files until you understand your data usage. Ask yourself whether you’re better off storing the images locally on a PC or server.

Frequently Asked Questions

During the month, is there a dashboard on a website that I can visit to see how much data I am using?

Microspace’s CellCast portal is available for all users. Additionally, automated alerts can be sent based on usage levels.

I’m no IT person. Is the device easy to install?

In most offices, it’s as easy as plugging into a wall outlet to get power and plug it into your computer using the supplied Ethernet cable. For advanced networking scenarios and for network backup, Microspace engineers are available to help with advanced configurations.

What happens if the 4G service does not meet RevolutionEHR’s minimum bandwidth requirements?

Microspace will conduct an online site survey to make sure your office is covered by adequate 4G service. After the 4G device is installed, test the device to ensure that it meets RevolutionEHR’s minimum internet download speed of 4 Mb/s and minimum internet upload speed of 512Kb/s. If you don’t achieve the minimum speed, you may return the 4G device for a full refund.

Sign Up For VELOCITY CellCast 4G Internet

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For more information complete the form below or contact Jessica Jobes at 919-850-4515 or

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