Microspace Communications is a long-time member of SSPI, Society of Satellite Professionals International. We are pleased to help make the next video in the Better Satellite World campaign, “The Magic of Satellite,” possible.

This video outlines some of the key points in the timeline of satellite communications, and projects what we can expect from satellite in 2030. Areas affected include poverty, communication, power and electricity, and much more.

The Video: The Magic of Satellite

Did you know that our industry was founded by a magician? He didn’t call himself that, but he had a magical ability to see into the future. One of the many things he saw was the satellite industry.

His name was Sir Arthur C. Clarke. He is Chairman Emeritus of our Society and a charter member of our Hall of Fame. He is also the inspiration for the next video in our Better Satellite World campaign, called “Magic.” It is about the many astounding ways that satellite – the world’s indispensable technology – will make the world a better place 15 years from now in 2030. The title not only celebrates Sir Arthur’s remarkable ability to forecast the future but one of his “laws” of science fiction: that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

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